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Tanning :

Tanning consists in treating the hide with tannins or tanning materials in order to allow it to be transformed into leather : rotproof product.


Nitrile named NBR (Nitrile Butadiène Rubber) is a copolymer of synthesis :
by its constitution, it is resistant to a great variety of chemical products as well as to animal fat, vegetable and synthetic oils, hydrocarbons and diluted acids.
The vulcanization which the coated Nitrile fabric undergoes is an operation of rubber reticulation. This operation is made at 150°C allowing Nitrile to both confer a stability to heat as well as to give it a resistance to abrasion while still keeping its flexibility and its suppleness.


Themoplastic polymere of synthesis, PVC offers a very high resistance to abrasion and gives a good protection against chemical risks for a certain number of agents used in a limited way.
It guarantees a good longevity for a general use.


Polyurethanes are materials which belong to a large family allying thermoplastics to thermohardeners.
Thus, the products obtained offer characteristics such as :

- a good resistance to abrasion.
- a good cold bending strength (it keeps an elasticity).
- a good resistance to tearing.
- a good resistance when in contact with a great deal of chemical products.